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The World's Leading Manufacturer of Motion Picture Film Laboratory, Archive and Scanning/Recording Equipment...also a full range of TapeChek videotape care equipment and DiscChek optical disc repair systems for the media industry. From 1970 into the 21st Century, we continue to develop new generations of products for emerging technologies... to help our customers do their jobs better.


to Find Solutions to Your Motion Picture Film or Flexible Circuit Equipment Needs

Lipsner-Smith XL1100 Non-Immersion Film Cleaning System
- Now Back in Production - More »

Lipsner-Smith Model 9220-PLC Ultrasonic Film Cleaner
Incorporates many new design features that you have requested.
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RTI Film Scanners and Recorders - Designed by Imagica

Imager XE Digital Film
Scanner »

Imager HSR
Digital Film
Recorder »

See video of the high-speed recording

Newest D-Archiver and D-Observer - The Bridge Connecting Analog and Digital for Film Restoration »
All-in-one solution for film archival projects.

  • Film Inspection Table
  • Film Restoration Table
  • Viewing & Splicing Table
  • Scanning with variable Resolutions to 2K
  • See CIR Archival Brochure
  • See the Latest Complete CIR Catalog
  • See Demo Video of D-Archiver from IBC 2008 Amsterdam »

    New BHP 7700 Film Printer »
    See 7700 Demo Video »

    New! Easy Plug n Play Upgrade for BHP Printers -
    Adds Reliability and Performance and Saves You Money!

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    NEW! Printernet III Computer Printer Control System allows scene data files from film color grading equipment to be downloaded directly from a server or PC, as well as from floppy disc or punch tape. Read more »



    Professional Videotape Care Equipment

    TapeChek ProLine 8100DLS-SR
    Cleaner-Evaluator-Eraser For All Betacam Tapes
    Recycles HDCAM SR Tapes!
    Now Features Flat Wind Technology...and Slow Speed Setting plus Disengaging
    Burnishing Posts for Delicate Archival Tapes

    More »

    DiscChek ECO-SUPER™ Totally Automatic Ultra High Performance Disc Repair System
    Holds up to 500 discs l Performs 240 light, medium or deep disc repairs per hour. It is completely self-contained and has a Water Recycling System so no plumbing or drain connections are needed. More »

    DiscChek ECO Disc Repair Systems
    Voted Best Choice by a leading trade publication. A full range of models are available to suit your budget and needs.
    More »

    Motion Picture film post production is keeping us busy!
    At several recent major exhibitions, RTI introduced many new refinements and features across its broad range of technology. We were pleased by the positive reaction from our customers and industry colleagues.

    In RTIís view, it is essential to continue to invest in finding new ways to make laboratory and post production equipment profitable and successful for our industry, and we are continuing to strive to lower costs and enhance efficiency for everyone.

    There will be even more technology improvements coming, so check back often!

    Call us for more information on how your operation can benefit from our enhanced technology and first class technical support.

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