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The RTI Group designs, manufacturers and distributes innovative, industry-benchmark equipment, technologies and services that underpin media companies and all industries that use traditional and evolving content technologies.

We provide an unmatched breadth of solutions, all tried, tested and backed by our global customer support teams.

The companies of the RTI Group stand by the thousands of installations serving industries as diverse as libraries, gaming retailers, TV and movie post production, film and video archives, and consumer electronics manufacturing.

Explore our comprehensive product line (below), purchase products and supplies online, and contact us for advice and to work with our experienced team to craft, install and support powerful solutions for your needs.

≡ RTI DiscChek™ ECO Disc Repair Machines

Your Official Provider for ECO Disc Repair Machines, Supplies, Parts and Service in the US and Canada.
 More »

ECO Master   ECO Auto

DiscChek ECO Master™
Fully Automatic Optical Disc Repair System
  • Easy and fast!
  • Holds up to 50 discs in one batch...
  • Wet process even removes deep scratches quickly
  • Exclusive flat polishing technology
  • DVDs safely rejuvenated
  • Improve disc quality, increase profits!  More »
DiscChek ECO Disc Repair Systems
Fully Automatic Optical Disc Repair System
  • Voted Best Choice by a leading trade publication.
  • Restore all disc types:CDs, DVDs, Game Discs. Blu-Ray
  • Now! Blu-Ray repair built into every RTI Disc Repair Machine!
  • Neat, clean, simple to use. No hand finishing!
  • Full range of models to suit your budget and needs.  More »


The Newest Technology in Outreach Kiosks Can Help Attract More Patrons to Your Library!

Lending Library Tulare   MedaiBoxMCPL

Lending Library
Book and Media Dispensing Kiosk
  • Books, DVDs, audio books...
  • Built for high-traffic areas
  • Malls, grocery stores, train stations...
  • Up to 500 items
  • 24-hour access to library materials  More »
Library Media Box
Disc Dispensing Kiosk

  • Holds up to 3,000 discs or audio books
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Checkout or return without staff help
  • Inventory online via library's website  More »

≡ RTI TapeChek Videotape Products

Professional Videotape Care Equipment  More »

TapeChek ProLine 8100DLS-SR

  • Cleaner-Evaluator-Eraser For All Betacam Tapes.
  • Recycles HDCAM SR Tapes!
  • Now Features Flat Wind Technology,
  • Slow Speed Setting and Disengaging
  • Burnishing Posts for Delicate Archival Tapes  More »


≡ Lipsner-Smith Film and Web Cleaning Systems

World Standard Ultrasonic and Non-Immersion Motion Picture Film Cleaning Systems  More »

XL1100      LS9200

Lipsner-Smith XL1100
Non-Immersion Film Cleaning System

• Now back in production
• Use where solvent-based film cleaning not required  More »


Lipsner-Smith Model 9220-PLC
Ultrasonic Film Cleaner

• Incorporates many new design features that you have requested.  More »

≡ RTI Film Scanners and Recorders - Designed by Imagica

Digital Intermediate (DI) Scanners & Recorders for Post-Production, Film Archiving and Restoration  More »

RTI has acquired the Film Scanning and Film Recording Equipment business from IMAGICA Technologies Corp. of Japan.

Imager XE      Imager HSR

Imager XE...
• Complete jobs faster
• Clean exposures across film stocks
• Consistent, even exposures
• High MTF performance
• Perfect geometry frame after frame  More »


Imager HSR...
• True-color 4K scanner
• Full density range of color negative
• Supports 35mm and 16mm
• Flexible output formats
• Safely, cleanly handle 2000 ft rolls at 100 ft/min
• Transfer to externa disk over Gigabit Ethernet  More »

≡ CIR Archive Film Scanners, Inspection and Viewing Tables

Digital and Analog Inspection Tools for Managing Archival Film in Most Formats  More »


Newest Cine 10B D-Archiver and D-Observer
The Bridge Connecting Analog and Digital for Film Restoration
• All-in-one solution for film archival projects.
• Scanning with variable Resolutions to 2K.  More »

New! d-Archiver Cine 10 -
up to 5K Scanning -More »

≡ BHP Film Printers

Designed to Maximize Print Quality, Negative Safety and Production Efficiencies  More »


New BHP 7700 Film Printer...
• Faster, more reliable film drying.
• New wet picture head eliminates bubbles.
• New film path reduces acute angles.
• Printernet III now standard.
• Reduced maintenance costs.  More »